The Best Data Recovery From And USB Flash Drive

It can happen to lose data in the event of an “accidental crash” of the hard disk (electric shock, physical shock, etc.) or during an unfortunate formatting! It is often still possible to Data Recovery thanks to data recovery utilities. However, data recovery solutions are not 100% safe, so it is better to choose the right tools! These solutions do not exempt you from making your own regular backups, quite the contrary!

Data loss on a smartphone is frequently linked to breakage, theft or loss of its terminal, more rarely to improper handling:

To limit the risk of data loss or leaks:

  • Note the IMEI number of the device: it is used to block it remotely in the event of theft,
  • change the PIN code of your smartphone,
  • protect access to applications with a password,
  • activate automatic locking,
  • only download official apps,
  • regularly save the content of your smartphone on a memory card, to be kept separately.

Mobile apps to prevent data loss :

  • The mobile applications of the online storage services Dropbox, Google Drive and for example.
  • The Recovery Lite application, which allows you to recover inadvertently deleted files.
  • App Backup: this application manages the backup of applications installed on your smartphone.
Data Recovery

Data recovery software :

It is necessary not to write any more on the hard disk or the partition! The data must be recovered on another medium: a different partition, a second hard drive (internal or external), a USB key, etc.

  • has. You must select the correct partition (recognized automatically).
  • b. The files to recover are listed and displayed.
  • vs. You choose the files to recover and the backup destination. The backup is done elsewhere than in the damaged or formatted partition (otherwise, the extracted files will overwrite the files to be recovered permanently).

Deleted file recovery software does not recreate a damaged partition. They only give access to this partition in order to be able to recover the Youtube data from it (at least as long as these files are not themselves corrupted). Indeed, these software are content to detect all the partitions to then list the various recoverable files. 

It is then necessary to recreate these partitions with other methods: formatting, partitioning tools. Therefore, you will often be forced to reinstall! An alternative to avoid wasting too much time recovering data and then reinstalling is creating partition images.

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