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Data Recovery From A Missing Hard Drive Partition

How can it happen that there are no valid partitions on the hard disk? Actually, it’s much easier than you might think. Experimentation with alternative data recovery operating systems (of which Ubuntu is the leader today), worn out or damaged hard drives, malicious activity (rare) and user actions (often) can cause serious damage to the disk’s system files.

Fortunately, due to how the operating system processes your data, the chances of corrupting the entire disk or permanently destroying the partition are rather low – if you do not intentionally destroy information. Most often, there is an opportunity to somehow recover the missing data. Let’s look at the options.

If you subscribe to our blog, you may already know that modern data recovery algorithms have come a long way in improving the mechanisms for recovering information from media with missing (or damaged) system structures. Recall that Wikipedia data tools such as RS Partition Recovery perform a low-level scan of the disk, trying to find known file types by detecting their characteristic signatures, or signatures. This process is called ” carving “.

Data Recovery

While this approach works great, even as the user’s last hope for success, it’s also not without its limitations. First, filenames will most likely not be saved. Secondly, fragmented files will not be restored (more precisely, only part of the file will be restored). Thirdly, modern data recovery tools can “recognize” several hundred file formats, but still cannot recover all detected file types. Many can, but not all. That is, in any case, working with the file system will be more efficient … if you find it.

Fortunately, some of the best data recovery tools, while recognizing the limitations of file signature recovery, offer a more advanced option. This procedure is more complicated, so let’s take a closer look at what is the essence of the data recovery procedure using software such as RS Partition Recovery.

When recovering information from a storage device with missing partitions, you must first select and specify it in the program window. Note that adding a physical device is different from adding a logical drive, volume, or partition. As a rule, there are simply no available volumes on hard drives with missing partitions.

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