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The Best Charlotte Data Recovery Tools For Your Losses Data

That might be a little bit more of a challenge. uh hopefully it’s still can be resolved. this is a memory card that arrived looking Charlotte Data Recovery pretty beat up as you can tell from the shape of it. it’s got pretty badly damaged board. this card was most likely connected to some sort of card reader most likely because that’s usually. how far the card is going to be plugged in and then it most likely fell on the side.

If it was in the laptop often enough these mac-books older generations. have a slot for the uh card reader and then it slid and pried up against the case and case got bent it’s a typical situation. that i have seen many times but as long as the memory isn’t damaged. there’s something we’ll be able to do about this so to get things moving we need to get this card Charlotte Data Recovery opened up first so to open it up we have our microscope view in front of us and i’m gonna start with this corner right here.

Just cut it up and start splitting it apart the car just generally is very fragile by itself but this client got very lucky because this unit is based on two chips. they’re slightly narrower they take up less real estate on the board and as a result they uh avoided that crack stress line from going right through.

Charlotte Data Recovery

Them so what didn’t avoid getting crack though is the controller that is on the backside so these cards uh have a controller. that’s embedded into this like material and as a result of flexing this thing just busted right up. there is no replacement of this part , there is no way to change this part this part is busted and it’s gonna need to be substituted luckily for us. this is a typical card and i have a few donor boards here from previous jobs that i’ve done my clients left behind and didn’t want them back.

So first of all we need to visually compare them to make sure. that they’re same as the original and if we look at all three yeah. we can see that all of the test points correspond with each other between these two and obviously this one as well. so that’s good but let’s see what condition. they were in initially when they arrived and this one. here i see there are some pads missing but these pads they are not connected to anything. they’re just nc pads so they’re not playing any significant role in the functionality of the card um the rest also looks pretty good.

I can probably use this one then looking at this card here. this one is actually flawless it has all of the pads except for that one there and that one. there intact which both of those are also not playing any role in the functionality of the device and they’re not going to affect. how this device is going to work after we’re done with it now the thing to pay attention to Data Recovery is uh this side here the component side and the components should match up and if they don’t it’s no big deal.

So it’s it’s not a problem we can do that after we’re done with the rest of the work um on this one here let’s compare them side by side yeah these match up pretty well they probably have both chips and the card. that was before only maybe had one chip on it but you see that components on this one match up perfectly in every position. they exist on both parties so , what i’m going to do is i’m going to remove the memory from the failed board and i’m going to swap it on to uh the donor board but before i do that i want to make sure.