Solutions To Data Recovery Deleted Files From Google Drive

Google Drive has an autosave feature, and this is the main reason why most people choose to work on it. No need to repeatedly save the file as the auto save feature automatically saves your work every few seconds.

But if the file owner deletes the document for any reason, it is deleted from everywhere, including those, with whom you have shared your Data Recovery. The autosave feature also does not allow you to recover those files. Concerned! Do not lose hope; This article will take you through the different ways to recover your deleted and lost files from Google Drive.

es! You can recover your deleted file from Google Drive. It is one of the most popular cloud storage services that allows you to save data and sync it across multiple devices. Once you sign up, the drive will provide you with 15GB of cloud storage space. We would like to inform you that this space is shared between Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

You can store photos, videos, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, email attachments, etc. To access the drive, you can use any popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac users, and Microsoft Edge for Windows.

Your files are safe here because the disk’s bin function stores your deleted files for a specified time. You can restore Twitter files from trash before the files reach their time limit in the bin folder. After that, Google Drive deletes them automatically.