Is It Possible To Data Recovery Services ?

I commented on the possibility of Data Recovery Services from a data medium with a Windows file system (eg: HDD (Hard Disk Drive, Hard Disk), USB Memory, Memory Card,…) using some programs that run on Windows, taking into account that the first premise is to leave the hard drive that has the data “intact”.

IIt is necessary to connect it as an internal or external storage unit to recover the data, since if we load an operating system together with the program of Data Recovery Services it is possible that some of the data that we want to recover will be permanently erased when overwritten with new data.

Use a Windows Data Recovery Services program that “sees” Linux partitions such as R-Linux , keeping in mind that the Windows disk must be different from the Linux disk, since if we install Windows on the Linux disk we may delete some of them files in addition to changing partitions and the file system. 

Personally, I don’t see this option very “clearly” since, despite the fact that Windows can read EXT2/EXT3 partitions with the “help” of programs like Explore2FS (I commented on it in this blog entry), I don’t know to what extent it will be reliable.

Use a Linux Twitter data recovery program such as R-Linux (There is also a version for Linux for Debian/Ubuntu platforms with “DEB” package and for Fedora/Red Hat with “RPM” package, both packages are available for 32 processors Bits (x86) and 64 Bits (x64)), logically we would have to install the Linux distribution on a different hard drive than the one we want to recover the data from.